Kelly Cueller, Kin BA, Certified Excercise Physiologist

Kelly Cuellar

Kin BA, Certified Exercise Physiologist

It gives me great pleasure to be a part of the wonderful Lambeth Chiropractic Clinic Team. I have a passion for what I do, and like all in this team, I too want to help enhance your health and wellbeing.

As a Kinesiology-Sociology graduate of The University of Western Ontario (’06) I wanted to explore what I could do to further expand my knowledge to best help others.  This led to the acquisition of my Certified Exercise Physiologist designation through The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology in 2007. From there, I have acquired additional learning opportunities; certifying on over 15 additional fitness, nutrition and wellness certifications.  I’m a strong believer that knowledge is power and through my learning I can educate others to make physical activity and wellness a lifetime objective.

I am very capable of coaching and training healthy, able-bodied individuals and even acute injuries. However, my specialty relies on reconditioning those who suffer from chronic conditions, or who have health conditions that limit their everyday functions.

I’m a strong believer that all bodies are different and that when health is not optimal, bodies need to be re-trained to perform their proper functions.  There is no greater satisfaction than seeing my clients successfully achieve their goals, and you’ll achieve yours as well.

My work takes place in your own home.  I provide home visits to assess your needs and prepare an exercise plan that will work for you.

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